Graduation Watches

Words by Sekonda
August 26, 2023 | 3m
Graduation Watches
Graduate in style.
It's graduation season. A great achievement and a time of celebration and positive change. A lot of parents, grandparents, friends and even graduates themselves looking for the perfect gift to mark this occasion. It can be hard to know what to get someone on an occasion like this as there isn't a tradition to follow and you can't ask the graduate because that would spoil the surprise!

We think that a watch is the perfect graduation present. We may be a little bias as we sell lots of watches, but here is a list of reasons a watch is the right gift for the occasion.

1. Watches are a memorable gift. This is a day they will remember for their whole lives, so make sure your gift is the cherry on top of this precious memory.

2. Sentimental meaning. This is the moment that the graduate has been working to for 3 or more years! Show them that their time and effort has all paid off.

3. The number one styling tip for interviewee's is to wear a watch because it symbolises their time management skills. As your loved one graduates, help them get ready for the next step with a great quality watch.

4. We have LOTS of stylish watches for Men and Ladies, its easy to find something for anyone's style. Or if you're struggling to choose, check out our top picks (the Monica and Maverick collections) or best sellers.