Barbie Takeover

Words by Sekonda Barbie
July 27, 2023 | 3m
Barbie Takeover
In the pink whirlwind that has taken over the world, the Barbie Movie has been highly anticipated by everyone, including us. Previously, we've pulled out lots of pink and pretty watches that are perfect for your Barbie inspired summer wardrobe (and we didn't forget the Kens!), our socials have had a complete Barbie takeover and we've worked with lots of fabulous influencers to add to the fun.
Last week Sekonda was invited to an event to celebrate the Barbie Movie's release. There were lots of Barbie's and Ken's in attendance including some extras from the film, many of who were wearing the Taylor Neon watch. During the event we got to speak to lots of influencers and models. It was great to see the Taylor collection getting so much love and even being worn on the catwalk!