Sekonda Packaging

Words by Sekonda
September 17, 2023 | 3m
Sekonda Packaging
At Sekonda we are dedicated to bringing you quality products, and that doesn't just mean the watches. We are mindful of every aspect of buying a watch, that is why we are introducing new packaging and gift box options to our website.
Standard Watch Pouch.
Starting September 11th, most Sekonda watches (excluding Digital and Smart Watches) purchased directly from our website will come in our new, branded Sekonda watch pouch.

The watch pouch is the perfect keepsake item, will prevent your watch from being damaged and is compact so it won't take up lots of room in your jewellery draw, bag or suitcase if you're travelling.

Your watch will be delivered to you in the pouch, inside a recyclable outer postage box.
As part of our continued sustainability effort, we are doing our best to remove all 'single use' packaging from our products.