Service your Sekonda Watch.
When you have a favourite watch, you want to look after it in the best way possible. We have tips on you can care for your watch, but sometimes you need a professional touch to keep it at its best.

Below you can find out which services we offer, cost and a simple step by step guide on how to service your watch with us.
Servicing costs:
Battery change and reseal

Basic service:
Quartz Watch
Mechanical / Automatic Watch

Full service:
Quartz Chronograph Watch
Mechanical or Automatic Chronograph Watch

Leather Strap Replacement
Plastic/ Silicone / Canvas Strap Replacement
Bracelet Replacement
Price List



Full service includes: Servicing, a full clean, battery change, reseal and return postage.

Strap replacement includes: New strap, fitting and return postage.
Get your watch serviced in 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Call us.
Right now we cannot take payment for servicing your watch via the website. If you wish to enquire or send your watch in for servicing, please call our servicing department on the number below and select 'services', or visit our contact us page.

Tel: 0116 288 2500
Mon - Thurs 09:00 - 16:30
Fri 08:30 - 15:00
Sat & Sun: Closed
Step 2: Send us your watch.
When you have contacted our servicing team, they will advise you on the next steps to send your watch in for your selected servicing. When sending your watch in to be serviced, please ensure that you have addressed your package to the servicing department.

Sekonda Servicing Department
Time Products (UK) Limited
Alexander House
1 Chartwell Point
LE18 2EZ
Step 3: Servicing & return.
All of our servicing packages include return postage, so once your watch is with us you can be sure of its safe return.
If you wish to enquire further about our services, please call our servicing team now.