Quick Guide To Sekonda Active Smart Watches

Words by Sekonda
September 05, 2021 | 10m
Quick Guide To Sekonda Active Smart Watches
It can be hard to get to grips with new technology and some of us don't have time to read a manual cover to cover. So, we've put together a handy guide to the main features and functions of our Active Smart Watch.
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Getting Started:

Charging and syncronising your smart watch.
To charge your smart watch use the magnetic USB cable provided. Connect the magnetic end to the back of your watch and make sure to charge it for at least two hours before using it for the first time.

To synchronise your watch you must first ensure that your watch is paired with the HitFit Pro app on your smartphone. To sync your data swipe downwards on the home screen of the app and 'syncing' should be displayed at the top of the page. Remember to sync your data daily so you don't lose anything!
The sport mode function allows you to monitor all of your activity. Swipe left from the home screen and tap ‘sport mode’ to begin tracking your exercise from hiking, running or cycling to climbing or even playing basketball. Record your time to track your personal bests, heart rate, steps and active calories so when you’re feeling the burn you have something to show for it!
How to customise your smart watch.
To change the dial on your smart watch, make sure that you’re on the home screen (displaying the clock), press and hold the center of the screen, this will then show pre-loaded additional styles. Swipe left or right and tap to select the background you wish to use. If you wish to download more styles, you can browse more designs from the HitFitPro app by tapping the watch face icon in the bottom right of the app’s homescreen.

If you wish to upload your own image, tap the watch face icon on the homepage of the app, tap ‘DIY’ and then choose to select a photo from your gallery or take a photo. When you have selected a photo tap ‘push’, the app will sync to your watch and display the design.
Sekonda smartwatch instructions
Water Resistance.
Sekonda's smart watches have a water resistance rating of IP68. In technical terms this means that it is protected from dust and continuous immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5 metres for a maximum of 30 minutes. But, in everyday terms this means that you can have a bath or go for a paddle on holiday without having to worry about your smart watch; but we would not recommend wearing your smart watch for any long distance swimming or diving.

If you do submerge your smart watch in water always dry it with a soft cloth and do not use hair dryers or any other heated equipment to dry your watch.
Music and Messaging.
The power is in your wrist, control your music and get message alerts right to your watch. Connect your watch to your smartphone to pause, play and skip songs. Our Active smart watches also support many messaging and social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. You can view messages and notifications with the message push feature enabled in your settings.
You can change the default language of your watch through the HitFit Pro app to one of nine preset languages. You can change the language by accessing the settings in the HitFit Pro app and scrolling to settings. These languages include German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian and Polish. So whether English isn't your first language or you are looking to brush up on your Spanish for your next holiday, easily change your language preference.
Weather forecasting.
Your smart watch will give you real time weather updates. If the weather forecast appears wrong, make sure that your watch has been synced recently. If this does not fix the problem, make sure that your location is enabled in your smartphone settings and also within the HitFit Pro app.
Sleep monitor.
Wear your watch whilst sleeping to track your sleep cycles. To find the sleep tracker, swipe right from the home screen of your watch and scroll to the sleep monitor app. The watch will measure your sleep (or lack of) between 21:30 - 12:00 the next day. Remember to sync your data in the morning!

Gesture control.

Your smart watch will wake up when you turn your wrist so you can quickly check the time on the go like a traditonal watch. If you do not want your watch to do this, you can turn off gesture control through the settings on the HitFit Pro app.


Q: What OS does the Smart Watch run on?
A: Sekonda Active Smart Watches run on Realtek 8762C OS.

Sekonda Smartwatch instructions
Q. Which smartphones are compatible with the Smart Watch and where can I download the HitFit Pro app?
A: Our Active smart watches are compatible with all smartphones with operating systems Android 5.1 or above or Apple iOs 10.0 or above. You can download the HitFit Pro app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Q: Does the Active Smart Watch have GPS and can it be linked to external apps or equipment?
A: Sekonda smart watches do not have GPS or work with external apps or external monitors such as Strava or chest straps. However when using sport mode your distance will be tracked and you can get real time weather updates to your watch by enabling your location settings in the HitFit Pro app

Q: Can I receive messages and answer calls from my watch?
A: You can receive messages and emails to your watch however you cannot make or receive calls from the device.

Q: What are the materials, sizing and strap measurements?
A: Our Active smart watches have a plastic case, come with a silicone strap and a pin and buckle clasp. The case's outside diameter is 45mm and the display size is approximately 35mm. Active Smart Watch straps are 22mm wide and will be compatible with any of our extra straps that are also 22mm wide which you can find here. The minimum length of the default strap is 155mm and max length is 230mm.

Q: Should the dial be visible at all times?
A: When the watch is not in use the screen will go into sleep mode which can be woken up by pressing the power button or turning your wrist. You can adjust the predetermined sleep mode time period from 2-6 seconds. Your watch also has wrist sense, displaying your screen when you twist your wrist towards yourself. This can be turned off in settings if you wish.

Q: Can you use Google Pay or contactless payment methods?
A: The Sekonda Active Smart Watch does not support contactless payment methods at this time.

Q: Can I get a replacement screen protector or charging lead?
A: If you are in need of a replacement screen protector or charging lead, please contact our customer service team via the contact form on our Contact Us page. Replacement items may come at an extra charge unless the product was faulty.

Q: Does the smart watch use NFC?
A: No, all data will be synced to and from devices using Bluetooth.
If you have any more queries that weren't answered in this blog post please check out our smart watch FAQ's or the smart watch instruction manual.